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Food marketing services
Preparing products for retail

If you are considering supplying multiple retailers Ideal Lincs should be your first call.

Don't waste time and money on retail product development without taking the time to have a consultation with Ideal Lincs. We can help you quickly develop your food & drink idea, and help direct you with how you intend to market it. Our experience can help point you in the direction of what works and steer you away from what doesn't. We can then put you in touch with other professionals who can design and deliver your concept in a cost effective way.

Ideal Lincs is EDI enabled with all its major customers, and using Ideal Lincs to supply your products into the multiples could save you around £3000 in set up fees and ongoing costs of around £1500 per year. Even maintaining your own barcode bank can cost £135 per year, why not use one of ours until you need your own bank of 100,000 numbers?


Do you want to make more sales and cut your costs? Then choose Ideal Lincs to wholesale your products to the region. The average running cost of a van is around £50,000 per year - you are going to have to make a lot of extra margin to cover that cost. Let Ideal Lincs take the strain, we collect and deliver which gives you more time to make more sales and focus on your production.

Please see below our schedule of marketing fees:

Distribution margin:
Ideal Lincs acts as a wholesaler to retail clients and charges that party an agreed margin above the cost price from the Supplier. The margin for any Product is calculated by the Distributor. The margin is based on the Product's potential to cover its distribution costs to the customer party. For instance a product which generates higher volume sales will have a lower margin, whereas a product which requires warehousing and generates low volume sales is likely to have a higher margin. In the event of a Supplier negotiating their own prices with a Third Party whilst using the distribution & administration services of Ideal Lincs must take the distribution margin into consideration when presenting their Product costs.

Administration margin:
A smaller percentage margin of the wholesale Price to the Third party must be derived for the benefit of the Ideal Lincs for administration where the Supplier makes their own deliveries to the Third party.
Collection discount:
A collection discount is applicable where Suppliers do not deliver into the Ideal Lincs.
Barcode creation*:
4.99 per barcode.
Barcode renewal fees*:
1.00 per barcode per annum
Product Proposal & Listing fees*:
50 per product proposed to a Third Party. This covers costs relating to sales & marketing meetings with Third Parties, Supplier range change meetings with Third Parties, mileage incurred, and administrator time. In the event of a product failing to be listed with a Third Party a 75% discount will be applied to each unsuccessful product.
Samples delivered to Third Parties*:
10.00 per case
New Line Form Completion*:
5 per Product line
New Line Form Checking*:
1 per Product line (i.e. a Supplier can complete their own New Line Forms. They will be checked by Ideal Lincs and in the event of fines arising from the Third Parties, Ideal Lincs will accept responsibility for those fines time chargeable for dealings with Third Parties for the benefit of unique Suppliers)
Other Marketing Services charged at hourly rates*:
25 per hour (i.e. time chargeable for dealings with Third Parties for the unique benefit of Suppliers).
* Charges for marketing services & collection discount are inclusive within the Distribution margin at the discretion of the Distributor. These charges are only inclusive where the Distributor can identify that the margin between the case cost to the Distributor, and the case cost to the Third Party, results in retail prices which can generate enough volume sales for the Distributor to cover all marketing costs.

Commercial Achievements

Ideal Lincs supplies a range of products in the Local Choice range, specialising in fresh and chilled foods, into 80 food stores and a number of garage forecourts.

Ideal Lincs became an ASDA hub in 2006 supplying a range of products into ASDA stores in Lincolnshire.

Ideal Lincs & Select Lincolnshire established a range of ambient and fresh products into the largest Sainsbury's store in the country, Lincoln.

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